Team Alberta


2008 & Younger -Saturday, May 4 @ Kinsmen B in Red Deer

2006, 2007 and selected 2008 Players - Saturday, May 25@ Kinsmen B in Red Deer

State Wars 20 Details:

Tournament Location: St. Peters, Missouri

Teams are guaranteed 5 games
Players will be given home and away Team Alberta Jersey and State Wars Inline Pants

Age Group Block Schedule

2015 - July 31 - Aug 2

2014 - July 29 - July 31

2013 - July 27 - July 29

2012- July 26 - July 28

2011- July 23 - July 25

2010 - July 24 - July 26

2009 - July 23 - July 25

2008 - July 24 - July 26

2007 - July 27 - July 29

2006 - July 29 - July 31


Overage Program

Juggernaut (03 & Younger) July 31 - Aug 2

Junior (00 & Younger) July 29 - July 31

Senior A/B (2006 & Older) Aug 2 - Aug 5

If you have any questions about the Team Alberta overage program please contact


Training Camp Block Dates: Locations TBD

2008 & Younger - First Camp - May 11

2008 & Younger - Second Camp - June 15 or 16

2006 & 2007 - First Camp - June 15 or 16



  1. How are the teams finalized? Instead of the old way of putting teams together for ex. U14, U16, U18. The teams will now be put together one birth year at a time. In the past players who were considered a first year would have a difficult time making the team. With the teams broken down by birth year it allows all players a chance to participate and represent their province/state.
  2. I heard there were scouts at the tournament, is this true? Yes, this is true. The Americans have a large Collegiate Roller Hockey Program. The Colleges send out their scouting staffs to attend the tournament in an effort to find their future players. The scouting process begins with the 13-14 yr olds where they are identified and ends with the 17-18 year olds with invites to tryout camps and potential scholarships.
  3. Why State Wars over other tournaments? This is currently one of the larger Roller Hockey events in North America and continues to grow in size each year, In 2017 it eclipsed 300 teams. State Wars is the only State/Provincial tournament of its kind for the sport of Roller Hockey. As well it will be an event that stands alone when players/parents look back on their Roller Hockey experiences. This is now the only tournament in North America where you will have the opportunity to play teams from all corners of Canada, the US and around the world.
  4. How many players make up a team? In 2023 the majority of the teams will be made up of 8 skaters and 1 goalie. The program still may decide to add additional players to a team
  5. Whats the estimated cost of having my child participate in the program? The estimated cost including 2-flights, 1-hotel, 1-team gear, 1-tournament registration, food and entertainment would be approximately $4200. For one adult and one participant 
  6. I've heard there is potential to have more then one team per birth year. How does that work? There are 3 divisions of play AAA, AA, A in each birth year. If the numbers of players trying out is sufficient we will attempt to put teams toghether in each division of play.
  7. If my child is selected to the team what's the next process? The players that are selected will be asked to pay a non-refundable payment of $800 CDN. The next steps will be explained, how to book flights, hotel rooms and prepare for a Training Camp in May and June, etc.
  8. Beginning in 2024, 2008 age group and younger will have two Training Camps, The first Training Camp will be on May 11. All teams will practice that day. 
  • The next Training Camp date will be June 15 or 16
  • The locations for the teams camps will be determined based on a number of factors. But ultimately the goal will be to make travel easiest for everyone, and providing the best camp experience to better prepare the team. 
  • The 2006 and 2007 teams will have one mandatory Training Camp on June 15 or 16. With the option of another Camp on June 22 or 23