Team Alberta starts the State Wars tournament in 3 days. 

Follow all the game action from State Wars as scores will be updated periodically on the schedules tab to the left



Team Alberta Tryouts

May 26, 2015

Team Alberta will once again head down south to compete in State Wars.....

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Skaters hit the rinks on 4 wheels

April 19, 2015

View the story AMRHA's advertising director wrote for the Journal

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Team Alberta Jersey 2015

April 14, 2015

State Wars released the Team Alberta Jersey for 2015....

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  • RT @joewhitbread: 6-3 win over Pennsylvania in the semis! @AMRHA_09 98's advance to Gold Final @SWHockeyKing #StateWars #Missouri http://t.10 hours ago
  • RT @joewhitbread: Team @AMRHA_09 98's win over Missouri to advance to semi final at noon vs Pennsylvania. #StateWars @NIHACanada http://t.c13 hours ago
  • RT @joewhitbread: Team 98 @AMRHA_09 opens playoff round this morning against the home #Missouri team @SWHockeyKing. @NIHACanada http://t.co15 hours ago

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