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Begins May 13, 2017
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Alberta Power Rankings April 25

The moment you have all been waiting for. The first ranking of the 2017 season, did your team make the cut in the first round of rankings? 


Rank Team Name
1 Strathcona Labeda Dragons SHPK
2 Rockets CAL
3 Edmonton Lightning EDM
4 Snipers CAL
5 Rolling Thunder CAL
6 Sherwood Park Spinline SHPK
HM Red Deer Snipers RD
HM Didsbury Renegades DBRY


Rank Team Name
1 Wetaskiwin Ice WET
2 Knights SHPK
3 Grinders CAL
4 Snipers EDM
5 Didsbury Renegades DBRY
6 Stealth EDM
7 Spitfires EDM
8 Jr. Kodiaks EDM
HM Red Deer Snipers Black RD
HM Red Deer Snipers White RD


Rank Team Name
1 Tropic Thunder SHPK
2 Mustangs EDM
3 Misfits EDM
4 Didsbury Renegades DBRY
5 Hitmen EDM
6 Brewers CAL
7 Jr. Oil Kings EDM
8 Stony Plain Knights STPN
HM Red Deer Snipers Black RD
HM Red Deer Snipers White RD


Rank Team Name
1 Kodiaks EDM
2 Chiefs CAL
3 Eskimo Brothers CAL
4 Bisnasties EDM
5 Dingos EDM
6 Jagr Bombers CAL
7 Stony Plain Chargers STPN
8 Chestermere Bandits CTMR
9 Old Mill CAL
10 Rolling Irish CAL
11 5ivehole EDM
12 Wetaskiwin Jr. Ice WET
13 Didsbury Rengades DBRY
HM Red Deer Snipers Black RD
HM Red Deer Snipers White RD


Rank Team Name League
1 Solar Bears EDM
2 Sherwood Park Wild SHPK
3 CCM Titans EDM
4 Dad 2 The Bone CAL
5 Aces EDM
6 Dirty Birds CAL
7 Labeda Shade EDM
8 Knights SHPK
9 Tornados EDM
10 Swamp Donkeys CAL


Rank Team Name
1 Tomahawks SHPK
2 BP Gunners SHPK
3 Edmonton Ducks EDM
4 Backhanders EDM
5 Canterbury Traitors SHPK
6 Raiders SHPK
7 Pelicans EDM
8 Stallions CAL
9 Blue Devils BEAU
10 Ardent Roof Systems Renegades EDM
11 Revision Rockies SHPK
12 Stealth SHPK
13 Heartbreak Kids SHPK
14 Canadians SHPK
15 TwoBro SHPK
HM The Ballers GP
HM Nodekes GP
HM Renagades GP
HM Helix IT GP
HM Waterboys GP

Rankings as of April 25, 2017

About Power Rankings

Rankings will be updated every 1-2 weeks so there will be lots of movement on the chart between April and end of June. The final rankings will all come down to the last tournament of the year where all of the tie breakers will be sorted out

In order to get a fair ranking on the teams, a combination of the following will be used: 

  • league and/or division in which a team plays
  • winning percentage
  • win-loss record
  • total goals for and against
  • streak bonuses